This is a unique service being offered to all turf managers - on site assistance with turf disease problems.

Having been involved with turf diseases for 17 years, I have seen an increase not only in the incidence of the 'common' diseases of amenity turf, but also the occurrence of 'new' diseases which are causing increasing problems for turf managers. 

Accurate identification is crucial if the correct control methods are to be employed.  It is not always easy to identify diseases by matching pictures in a book with the symptom on the turf and a misidentification could lead to a total lack of disease control.  If there is any doubt at all in you mind about what the problem really is, ask for assistance from someone who knows about turf diseases.

By offering on-site visits, the intention is to provide specific and relevant information on reoccurring or newly developing turf disease problems.  In the majority of cases, the potential factors contributing to the disease development can be identified following discussions about previous management practice and first-hand observation and identification of the problem areas.

Turf samples, if taken at the right time, in the correct manner and sent for accurate analysis, can be all that is required to solve the mystery of certain disease developments.  However, where disease problems continue to develop, year after year, more is often required than a simple confirmed identification.  New diseases are being found each year and if you are trying to control one with the wrong maintenance practices (through incomplete identification), you could be making the problem worse.

The time involved on a site visit will vary because each situation is unique and it will depend upon the extent and severity of the disease problem and the specific requirements of the individual turf manager.  Similarly, the cost involved will vary depending on what you would like to be achieved during the visit.  Generally, a visit would take a couple of hours and would involve initial discussion with the turf manager to get some background to the problem and a walk around the problem area with the turf manager.  Samples of affected areas would be taken if necessary.  A report detailing discussions and findings would then be produced and sent directly to the turf manager or to the person requesting the site visit.  

If you would like a specific quote, please get in touch with me and I will be happy to prepare one for you.

All visits will be completed under the standard terms & conditions of The Turf Disease Centre.