Fungal diseases (and invertebrate pests) can cause severely detrimental effects to both the visual and playing quality of amenity turf surfaces.  Their effects can develop rapidly, over night in certain cases, but can last for many months or even years.  Only by thorough, accurate and early identification of the problem can the appropriate action be taken to minimise the effects of the disease (or pest). Once this has been achieved, a maintenance plan can be put together which is aimed at limiting or preventing future problems.

The Turf Disease Centre works closely with many Independent Agronomists* from companies within the amenity sector, to ensure accurate and rapid disease (and pest) identification.  Often, it is the Agronomist who recommends that a sample be sent to The Turf Disease Centre for analysis and in such cases, the result is sent to the Agronomist, so that a considered approach to the disease (or pest) problem can be offered by them.

Sample analysis will identify the problem but a knowledge of the site is needed for appropriate remedial action to be taken.

Samples can also be sent directly to The Turf Disease Centre by Turf Managers and the result of the analysis will be returned to them.  A request for analysis will result in an identification of the problem(s) present (i.e. disease, pest or apparent problems with the rootzone environment).  However, if further information is required on the particular disease (or pest), you only need to ask.


The main factors in the control of turf disease (or pest) problems are:

*The word 'Agronomists' also includes Technical Sales staff employed by companies working in the Amenity sector.